Welcome to the Cooperative Car Build Project, where you can connect, vote and contribute with other enthusiasts who share your car building passion.

Below is an introduction to explain what's going around our Cooperative Car Build Project we are sponsoring. Here we will talk about what new plans have been added, what car projects other enthusiasts are building, and all of the latest 2020 project activity.

The Cooperative Car Build is a project concept that our marketing team came up with late last year. We felt that with all the growing late model engine and driveline swap options that are out there, that we could help our customers to create a focus on how to develop, architect and build a really great class-focused race car.

The difference with our project, is that you the community and its followers, will get to participate in the direction of the project. Everything from the model of the car, the color, the driveline - all the way down to the tires - will be nominated by the aftermarket vendors and then voted on by you, the enthusiasts. What direction will the project go? What engine will we have to build? What rearend will it end up with? The majority will call the shots and then you can see how it will perform. 

With the vintage market continously growing, we felt like it was time to showcase what great cars, great parts and smart motivated people can bring together. 

Once we complete each phase of the project, we will be sure to share our plans, drawings, instructions, parts selections and even our assembly videos and photos of the build in our news section. This way you can be a part of it as much as you want to, and then you can either just follow along and enjoy watching our progress, or even duplicate what we're doing.

We will also showcase all member builds that are following the same path, and share your progress and highlight your awesome work so that hopefully you can inspire other enthusiasts to get started building some incredible cars of thier own! 

If there's a particular project phase that you want to build or are duplicating, but you couldn't find it, use the contact us form and we will see how we can help.

Cheers to an awesome project and wrinkled tires!

The Marketing Team